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“Handmade looks forward to being of service to your group and clients”

corporate travel – hot air ballooning

Handmade Travel offers a truly bespoke service to enhance the performance of your business and your people. We help our clients achieve their Corporate ambitions and are proud to work with them in order to deliver highly creative solutions to all their conference, corporate hospitality and incentive travel needs.

Private & Leisure
private & lesiure – classic car touring

We listen to our clients and understand their needs. All ideas and arrangements are organised impeccably and also in a low key and unobtrusive manner. Whether your group is 10 persons or 250, we are committed to creating the finest itineraries within our specialist areas of Cricket, Wine, Golf, Music, Historical Touring and Art and Galleries.

Financial Security
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Our clients security is our priority….we exceed legal requirements.

Handmade is well run and safe, but also our clients are fully and legally protected.

Unique Days
unique days – under sail

May we invite you and your clients or leisure group to join us for a truly memorable experience. Our renowned Unique Days provide an enjoyable, relaxing and cost effective way of energising your staff, further developing your relationship with clients or prospective clients or perhaps your leisure group celebrating a special anniversary or similar occasion.

Our Philosophy: The Directors of Handmade Travel have a very simple philosophy: to provide the highest quality bespoke group travel services and solutions for both corporate and private clients. Frustrated by their own experiences of average service and being on the receiving end of world wide travel arrangements that are at best functional and at worst chaotic, the Directors combine their passion for excellent customer service and commitment to their clients as the fundamental Handmade Travel standard.

Accordingly, all our cooperating partners, associates and suppliers have proven track records and we work with them because we are confident they will not let our clients or ourselves down. Irrespective of whether it is a simple commitment to call you back within an hour or to take your group of 120 persons to New Zealand, our philosophy is to put the client first and to deliver on our commitment.