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“Handmade Travel are specialists in the sphere of Group Leisure Activities”

Our commitment

From the moment Handmade Travel was an embryonic idea, the Directors made a commitment to thoroughly enjoy the business and to work extremely hard within the specialist areas that they had long been passionate about. The specialist focus of Handmade – Handmade's Private and Leisure division reflects this commitment.

We are fortunate to be in the business of creating lasting memories and unique experiences.

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classic car touring

“With Handmade it is not possible to be closer to the action & personalities”

Inbound Travel

Whether your group is 10 or 250 persons, we are your experienced partners in developing and delivering quality and creative solutions in the following areas:

  • Cricket
  • Golf
  • Music
  • Historic Classic Car Touring
  • Art and Galleries
  • Gastronomic Food and Wine Experiences

Outbound Travel

We offer our group leisure clients the option of being as 'hands-on' or as 'hands-off' as they require. We know the world and it is exciting! We are passionate about and experienced in the following specialist areas:

  • Wine Tours
  • Cricket Tours
  • Classic Car Tours
  • Music and Art

We look forward to being of service…